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Data Acquisition System For Textiles

  • ProWin 2000 is a powerful Spinning Production, Power and RH Management Tool for department from Blowrome to Ring Spinning, Looms. It offers flexible solution to typical Production Management Problems. An impressive number of more than 200 installation of ProWin verify this.
  • ProWin 2000 acts as a front end to a back process deploying state of Art PLC’s and communication tools to realize a networked production Management System. ProWin is built around industry standard PLC control electronics and interfaces making it the most reliable networked monitoring system in the world for this application Open architecture of ProWin is further evident in the wide range of machinery and flexibility in configuring fault inputs.

Quality Monitoring System

  • The uniformity of yarn/sliver along the length is monitored by this system. The system gets inputs, from the user through the HMI. Also the deviation parameters are displayed in the HMI. The user can monitor the yarn for 4 different lengths. The CV% , U% , Number of Thin places per km, Number of Thick places per km and Number of Nep places per km will be displayed in the HMI. The material can be monitored for up to 4 different sample lengths simultaneously. It is possible for the sampling to be as close as about 10 mm at material speeds of around 600 m/min. The monitored values are calculated all the time online for a sliding window of the length specified. If the speed the material is less than 1 m/min, then monitoring process stops and will resume only if the speed of the material is greater than 1m/min . The values are then displayed on the HMI.


ProWin for Textiles

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Quality Monitoring System for Textiles

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